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We are petrolheads. We live and breathe cars. Thus, you are in excellent care.

Our team unites 3 very different, yet very compatible talents, skill sets and backgrounds. An experienced entrepreneur with a proven track record in car sales, vehicle import and exclusive car rentals; a young and savvy car dealer, who is no stranger to top automotive marques; and a digital wizard, equally adept at working with a computer mouse as he is with cars. What brings us together, is the love of cars.

Turn to our 120% car-dedicated team when buying or sourcing your dream car. After all, you wouldn’t turn to a vegan for a filet mignon, would you? 

As a young & growing company, we may not have a renowned name you’re familiar with & being based in Slovenia is unlikely to help the matter, however our ambition, work ethic and client-orientation has put us on the right trajectory to establish ourselves as a significant brand in the exclusive car, young- & oldtimer and modern classics industry.

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Our CEO says

We aim to establish ourselves as a niche car dealership of the absolute highest quality.

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